Saturday, December 18, 2010

Item #1: Q - tips

Cotton swabs under the brand name of Q-Tips were invented in 1923 by a Polish-born American named Leo Gerstenzang. The inventor was also the founder of the Leo Gerstenzang Infant Novelty Company that marketed his new invention.
Leo Gerstenzang decided to create a pre-manufactured cotton swab after observing his wife wrapping a piece of cotton on the end of a toothpick. Q-Tips was not the first brand name Gertenzang used for his cotton swabs, Baby Gays was. In 1926, the name Baby Gays was expanded to Q-Tips Baby Gays, and later the Baby Gays part of the name was dropped.  
  • getting nail polish off the sides of your nail
  • gluing stuff
  • cleaning small things
  • painting
  • building
  • dusting small spaces
  • arts and crafts
  • applying makeup
  • medical swabs are used to collect DNA
  • Cotton swabs were also used widely when video game systems such as the Nintendo 64 were commonly found in houses because of their ability to clean the cartridges.
  • They also make a medical Q-tip and when you use it it injects medicine into the cotton

  • In the UK, Q-tips are called Cottonbuds
  • The Q in Q-tips stands for quality
  • The label on a package says not to stick in ear canal
  • There is an Amercian Rapper nad Band that go by this name
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